The Complete Solution

The Complete Wallpaper Printing Line Solution

The Production Operating Unit

• Factory layouts:- Service supply specifications, including Gas / Thermal Oil, Electricity, Fume Treatment, Cooling Water, Compressed air.
• Services:- Sizing routes and materials.
• Assistance in specifications of Ancillary equipment Chillers, Compressors, stand by generation.
• Material handling.
• Finished product packaging and storage.
• Additional equipment necessary mixing, testing, laboratory.
• Machinery supply.

Raw Materials

Introduction to potential suppliers of:-
• Paper.
• Ink.
• PVC Bases.
• Designers.
• Engravers.
• Resulting in Price Matrix planning.


• Engineers, in England, by E&R engineers.
• Operators, by E&R technicians.
• Design understanding.
• Material Specification.
• Usage and cost analysis.


E&R will have a representative based on your site to assist with on-going support and communication with respect to your wallpaper printing line
Picking “the right partner” is the most important decision your business will make.
The above assistance comes free of charge with a machinery supply agreement.
Since the package is tailored to each individual customer, additional assistance in any area may be given if required. Please do not hesitate to ask.

Asia Service Centre

The Service Centre, managed by European Engineers, will offer:-

• Support for our customers.
• Quicker response times.
• Service Contracts.
• Customer operator training.
• Maintenance and machine assessment.
• Local Spares stock.

Wallpaper Printing Line