Screen/Gravure Press

Screen/Gravure Press

Screen Circumference - no longer the limitation

The requirements of rotary screen printing in the production of both blown vinyl and flat print effects dictated that Emerson & Renwick develop a revolutionary screen press where each print station is driven by an independent electronic drive control.

Abandoning the constraints of the mechanical line shaft opened up many new facilities for register control, off-line register and on press design change-over using dual print heads.

Chamber-fed gravure press heads can be fitted on every station, also flexo if required.

It’s up to the Designers

Opening the mind, thinking outside the box. Designers are limited to screen circumference. All of which is now removed by the Emerson & Renwick Infinity printing press.

The design opposite could be produced on the patented Infinity printing press from Emerson & Renwick printed in water based inks at 80 metres per min on vinyl coated non woven substrate.

The MK4 Infinity Screen Head
Emerson & Renwick Patented ‘Infinity Repeat’ printing

• Random or Variable repeat printing.
• Digital register control.
• Dynamic performance.
• Direct driven – High Accuracy.
• AC servo technology & reliability.
• Offering complete flexibility in product design.
• No design restraints.
• Anything is now practical & cost effective to print.

Quick Screen Change