In Register Hot Embossing

In Register Hot Embossing

Embossing in-register with a separately printed design was one of the most difficult problems of wallcovering manufacture. Detailed studies of substrate elasticity were combined with a unique application of advanced motor control technology to give a machine which now produces outstanding new in-register emboss effects on vinyl.

Over 150 of these machines have now been sold worldwide. Making Emerson & Renwick the market leader in this process.

The latest variable width embosser allows for any roller to be fitted, giving total flexibility to the end user.

Our unique electronic controller allows for simple operation with the introduction of a stand alone industrial PC giving the machine operator a simple easy to follow set up and run procedure.

Our back mark registration system also allows for embossing of normally difficult pale colours to be simply achieved. The software can also be retrofitted to existing machinery if required.

Turret embosser

• Enables non-stop emboss roller change.
• Next emboss roller can be loaded whilst one is being run.
• Emboss rollers electronically datummed which enables them to go quickly into register.
• Minimises waste at change over.
• Maximises machine uptime.
• Variable width so existing emboss rollers will fit.

Non-stop emboss roller change