Product Spotlight

Product Spotlight - New: Roll to Roll Vacuum Coating Platforms

Vacuum deposition has been a long established method of coating thin films onto both flexible and rigid substrates where the application and material choice determines that atmospheric techniques would not be viable, the users of such equipment are attracted by the possibility of higher productivity rates, lower costs, plus differentiating specifications and applications, due to the large diversity of methods and materials that can be utilised and subsequently coated within a vacuum chamber.

Coatings can range from being simple monolayer metals for flexible packaging applications, solar absorber layers or optical media devices, to complex solar cell, barrier or display structures utilising multilayer approaches and varied deposition source types.

The variety of applications also have their own needs on coating porosity, uniformity and encapsulation requirements which can be addressed by using different deposition methods and or additional treatments, which require very little or no influence from the surroundings, and which must be controlled using a vacuum chamber to prevent contaminants from inclusion in the final product.

Combining our engineering knowledge from our existing portfolio of machinery build and substrate handling, we can provide vacuum coating platforms designed to the application , including  pilot scale vacuum coaters for R&D purposes or small scale production through to matched production machinery for customers who wish to expand the width and productivity of a given application should the product gain market potential.

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