Quality Policy

EMERSON & RENWICK focus on achieving performance levels, which continually satisfy our customer’s requirements.

We strive to develop and improve our Quality Management System, in order to maximise product performance and reliability.

All stakeholders play a critical role in our processes; therefore, training and development are embedded into our business strategy.

Our Quality Management System fully satisfies the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 with the flexibility to evolve and prosper in the
ever-changing business environment.

In order to achieve the above EMERSON & RENWICK will establish and monitor measurable quality objectives for the Quality Management System, processes and services.

Management, at all levels, are committed to ensuring that the system is effective in achieving quality objectives and satisfying customers
both now and in the future.

To this end, management will strive to continually develop and improve the service, processes and effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

The Quality Management System is seen by Senior Management as a key element in promoting a culture of
continuous improvement and individual responsibility.

Ben Clements
Managing Director
May 2017