Creativity, Invention and Innovation

Creating new technology and applying this to the machinery we produce remains a key focus for the team at Emerson and Renwick and we continue to invest in research projects to explore the limits to which we can engineer solutions for our customers. These will be regularly featured in our Product Spotlight area, and an example with our patented 'infinity' screen print head.

We believe that Innovation is a 3 stage process.


  • The ability to imagine new concepts
  • Does not by itself create value
  • The front-end to invention and innovation


  • Uses the creative concept
  • Formulation of a new ideas for products or processes


  • Uses an invention or inventive step
  • Delivers improved or new technology to the the user or market
  • Generates or enhances value

With a recent in investment in a new Technology Centre, Emerson and Renwick remain committed to challenging the status quo and to assist in overcoming the engineering challenges provided by our customers.

We are open to work with collaborative projects from private industry and academia, and if you feel we can be of assistance please do not hesitate to contact us