Heat Exchanger Tube Mill

Tube Mill

Emerson & Renwick are the World leaders in supply of Tube mills. This state of the art machine is capable of production speeds in excess of 150 metres per minute, on both Multi-port and conventional B-Type tubes.

Handling thin tube stock as low as 0.14mm is second nature to this extremely robust machine.
Multi-Port is built in to the machine as standard with up to 16 ports being handled.

All equipment and tooling is capable to the latest SPC standard.
The unique cut off unit is capable of 300 cuts per minute and can in certain cases be retro fitted to other manufacturers machinery.

Quick change over is a key element of the design, change from one design to another is easily achieved within 30 minutes.

Roll design is a key element of the process and our engineers will work closely with customers to ensure that the end product meets specification.

The Tube mill can incorporate a constant rate fluxing system which will leave no overspill on the product and a second to none flux film. Optional flux detection system is available.

The machine is easy to adjust and set because of the individual cassette design, ensuring the best results at all times.

Carbide rolls or inserts are also available where high volume production is required.

Built in Quality with over 200 machines sold this is the best machine on the market.