Heat Exchanger Tooling


Matching your needs

Our objective is to provide you with the ultimate solution that completely matches your needs, so our engineers will work with you from the concept stage to ensure you have the best possible design.

We are able to design and manufacture a range of form and tube mill rolls to suit your machinery irrespective of the origin or type. We will regrind or remake your existing rolls either in HSS or Carbide, the choice is yours.

Our service includes accurate testing and reporting using modern measurement techniques which include CMM and Jodon test equipment.

Our ability to provide production samples is well established thus eliminating unnecessary factory down time for proving the design

Rolled oil cooler fin

Typical Range would be 20mm to 125mm wide, 1.2mm to 6mm Fin height, 0.19mm to 0.4mm thick Blade widths of 0.7mm to 5mm

Fin Range

Typically 10mm to 250mm wide - 4.5mm to 20mm Fin height
Fin Stock thickness 0.05mm to 0.20mm - Blade width 0.5mm to 3mm

Folded Tubes

Conventional B-Type and Multi-port condenser tubes upto 16 ports
Stock thickness down to 0.14mm
Close tolerance manufacture

Rolled Turbulator

Rolled in-line turbulator upto 20 channels

We will offer advice and consultation if required on design and material specification.

Prototype or pre-production samples produced in-house.

Our Facility

Emerson & Renwick have invested heavily in purpose built and selected plant for form and tube roll manufacture thereby ensuring on time delivery and accurate components. We have a comprehensive range of in-house machinery at your disposal, including:

Precision Dual Face Flat Lapping Machine

The Lapmaster is a 4-way, planetary, dual face lapping machine with a sophisticated control system. It can execute complex lapping and polishing routines while producing precise and repeatable results to achieve very accurate blade thickness.

Profile Grinding

Based on proven design principles this machine with a fully fledged CNC control can handle the most demanding grinding applications, such as profile grinding etc.


Our Agie Evolution 2 SFF Wire EDM machine provides the ultimate in precision and total automation, utilizing every known feature that modern technology has to offer.

State of the Art Grinding

The Helitronic is synonymous with the highest quality in tool grinding worldwide. It is the first choice when it comes to highly flexible production and re-sharpening of rotationally symmetrical tools and parts.