Heat Exchanger Introduction

Heat Exchanger

Emerson and Renwick are an experienced provider of Fin Mill, Corebuilder and Tube mill Machines within the automotive heat exchanger industry.

The acquisition of The Fin Machine Company (IP) has now broadened the range of machinery we can offer, including

For existing FMC customers Emerson and Renwick maintain the ability to:

  • Reproduce any existing FMC machinery
  • Re-Tool all existing FMC machinery
  • Supply Spares for all existing FMC machinery
  • Upgrade all existing FMC machinery

Combined with high accuracy product verification performed on our LK co-ordinate measuring machine (CMM) with 2D scanning capability.

Emerson & Renwick also apply the latest technology in digital image capture. Using a Leica Stereo Microscope, interfaced with a high definition camera, high magnification digital images can be produced. This enables us to check the output component quality from our machine builds, in order to ensure that our customers obtain the performance levels they expect.

We were among the first organisations to satisfy & gain registration to the new Quality Standard BS EN ISO 9001:2000 and we are now accredited to ISO9001:2008.

A dual approach to quality control, tooling quality plus airway quality.

Industry standards are often surpassed in our endeavours to continually improve the quality of machine principles involved. A strong team of design engineers well versed in the disciplines of FMEA is fundamental to reliable machine construction.