Heat Exchanger Fin Machine

Fin Machine

The Emerson and Renwick Fin Machine is capable in every sense of the word running at speeds up to and including 250 metres per minute. The unique high speed fin slicer guarantees root or peak cut off with zero error in convolution count and without fin damage. Built to exacting standards the machine can incorporate both single and twin track production.

The mill is also capable of handling existing tooling irrespective of the manufacturers origin.

Excellent digital back tension and pitch control is a key element of the design which ensures accurate height and pitch of the product.

Flat top fin is second nature to this machine with the introduction of the controlled calibration / sizing station.

Our In-house software engineers ensure that the digital controls through our own HMI are easy and simple to operate. The machine can be adapted for low volume manufacture if required.

The combination of machine and tooling makes this fin mill the best in class and an essential element for the successful integration of a fully automatic production cell.

Emerson & Renwick are able to meet any of your production needs