Heat Exchanger Core Assembly

Core Assembly

Emerson & Renwick’s latest innovation is the unique Twin Screw core assembly machine.

The independently driven twin screws are capable of synchronised or independent rotation, offering the ability to faultlessly insert tubes at a rate of up to 5 tubes/s and then transfer a complete batch of tubes for seamless, multi-fin insertion.

The picture shows a two row condenser core being processed, in this case two pairs of screws are used. Located above each other, the assembly module copes with both tubes of different sizes and simultaneously presents the tubes at the correct pitch and location for fin insertion.

Tubes are fed by conveyor and hopper on to flighted belts which positively locate the tubes for insertion into the primary screws. The twin screws then rotate automatically and open the tube pitch to the correct dimension ready to receive fin. Whilst this operation is taking place the next batch of tubes is dispensed into the primary screws, thus reducing cycle time to a minimum.

With a direct link to a fin mill fins are automatically fed into an indexing tray and a full complement of fins are transferred into the waiting tubes already spaced for a smooth transition. The fin mill can be one or two lane to suit your production needs.

The matrix is then transferred either manually or automatically into the core compression section where headers are fitted and compressed ready for brazing.

Following matrix assembly final components for complete core assembly may be fitted manually or automatically. In the example shown a header and manifold are manually loaded into the system and then fitted in machine cycle to ensure exact positioning in the finished core. In this case the core consists of two rows of 43 tubes and measures 550mm between headers, 450mm over core.

All in all a simple and cost effective method for either fully automatic or semi automatic system which can be tailored to meet you needs.

For more information on our core assembly machinery or to discuss your own needs please do not hesitate to contact us.