Coating & Laminating Vacuum Pilot

Roll to Roll Vacuum Pilot Coater/Platform

The GENESIS series of  pilot coater is designed to provide an entry scale flexible vacuum deposition and web handling platform for the development and commercialisation of flexible products and devices

With extensive experience and application of transporting and handling flexible substrates combined with our coating expertise, our aim is to assist our clients by providing a flexible, tailor made vacuum deposition platform, to assist in understanding how their products and processes perform under roll to roll manufacturing conditions and accelerate commercial product realisation.

Using a cartridge style source design, the platform is designed to deposit materials utilising various vacuum deposition sources, based on Sputtered, Electron-beam, Reactive Ion Etching and could also serve as a base roll to roll system for PE-CVD, HiPiMs or ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition) based applications, combined with plasma treatment or Linear Ion source technology for pre or post coating surface modification

With optional web paths for full or non-contact operation and dual speed ranges the platform is prepared to handle most flexible materials and provide solutions for high sensitivity surface deposition with selectable interleaving.

Complimented with spectral, OD, resistance measurement, RGA (Residual Gas analysis) and partial pressure or plasma emission based deposition rate control, the platform provides real time feedback for the process engineer or production operator to ensure the product meets the needs of the desired coating, with advanced software monitoring, recording and recipe facilities it allows users to bring research scale to product line with on board alarming for product threatening process conditions.

With the ‘plug and play’ style machinery, the user can start with a base platform or chassis and build their own customised options or add at a later date, this provides the end user a versatile platform to develop and productionise their flexible products upon, with minimal installation and set up.

For further information on our pilot lines or to discuss your own bespoke application requirements please contact us.

Machine General Specification


Line speed (High Range)


                    (Low Range)




Web Thickness


Core diameter

76mm or 152mm

Reel size

Up to 400mm diameter


PET, PI, PEN, StSt/Al foil. etc.

Web width

Up to 300mm or 500mm

Optional Sources

Sputter, Electron-Beam, PACVD, Reactive Ion Etching (CCP and ICP) Plasma Treatment, Linear Ion Activation

Pump down to process


Bi Directional drive modes

Non coated surface contact mode 

Optional Monitoring

Optical Density, Thickness (Crystal), Resistance (eddy current) or Spectral Transmission/Reflection