Coating & Laminating Dixon Pilot

Dixon pilot coating machinery

Dixon was the first company to introduce the Pilot Coater back in 1950. Now with over 50 years experience in pilot coating lines and over 1,000 installations world-wide, Dixon can fairly claim to have unique knowledge in the field of pilot coating.


System configurations:

Model 160 Mk 2

Still the most versatile pilot coater available in the market


Model 164

The first modular coater ever built and in wide use around the world.

Suitable as a development or small scale production machine.


Model 1060

The new generation modular pilot coater incorporating state-of-the-art controls and enhanced functionality.
Data acquisition as standard.


  • Each machine can be custom built to specific needs
  • Open framework construction for easy operation
  • Cost effective features are included to meet available budget
  • Vast range of ancillary components available
  • Additional features can be added as markets and products change
  • Versatility to coat any flexible web


  • Machine widths from 300-750mm
  • Normal running speeds from 1-250 MPM
  • Framework housing individual components - model 160 Mk 2
  • Modular coating heads - models 164 and 1060
  • Direct/Offset/Reverse Gravure
  • Rotary Screen
  • Flexography
  • Multi-roll coating – 2,3,4 roll and 3 roll reverse
  • Slot die
  • Meyer bar
  • Air Knife
  • Hot melt
  • Quick and easy positioning of components
  • Accurate and repeatable gap settings
  • Manual or automatic tension control
  • HMI type control system on most machines
  • Data acquisition as standard on model 1060
  • Equipment designed to fit in restricted space
  • Multi motor servo drives to all necessary sections
  • Conventional hot air roller or air float drying systems
  • Radiation curing by ultra violet, infrared or electron beam
  • All known coating and laminating systems available

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Typical Pilot Coating Process