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Advancements in coating processing are making challenging demands on technology suppliers. Increased operational reliability, stable and consistent product quality and improved accuracy and repeatability are being sought as processors participate in their increasingly competitive business environments.

Dixon has remained ahead of its competitors by offering a complete range of technology and related services to meet these needs for virtually all coating applications.


Custom Coating Lines for Continuous Web Processing

Dixon meets all your continuous web processing needs by utilising an innovative approach to coating solutions centred around two principal systems:
Modular construction
Custom design

Both systems incorporate units designed and built by Dixon and are supplied as line packages or complete turnkey solutions where Dixon oversee every facet from design through commissioning.

The double system approach provides the flexibility to supply individual items or sections to either upgrade or complement existing equipment.


  • Coating solutions tailored to your specific needs
  • Flexible offering; complete package or individual items or sections
  • Proven technology in use around the world


Dixon experience is extensive and diverse. We have provided coating lines around the world for the following products:

  • abrasives
  • adhesives
  • battery products
  • barrier and thermal products
  • computer technology
  • copper foil production
  • electronics
  • flexible packaging
  • graphic arts
  • magnetic media
  • medical products
  • non-wovens


  • Web widths up to 3,500 mm
  • Speeds up to 800 MPM
  • Direct and Reverse Gravure, Reverse Roll, Slot Die, Meyer Bar, Air Knife, Knife Spreading, Bull Bar, Impregnation and all types of Lamination
  • Automatic Flying Splice Unwinds and Rewinds
  • Integrated menu controlled, fully automatic drives and control package
  • Drying or radiation curing systems
  • For solvent or water based products
  • For 100{9ea12c971fb145a5c44ecc2eb17ef84e1a3225cf7936357f3c0cb8f3f1bd9ff5} solids products both thermal cured and hot melts
  • Compliance with all international environmental and safety standards

Ultra High Precision Coating Machinery

Dixon whose excellence in this field is recognised world-wide, offer both modular or dedicated systems.

Success has resulted from using only the best quality parts and components with superior workmanship and attention to detail at every stage of a project.


  • Exceptional accuracy from precision reverse roll and slot die heads
  • Precise coat weight profile control
  • Constant process repeatability from a set point
  • Product cost savings by waste reduction of expensive coating solutions

Clean Room Capability

Dixon offer standard or up to class 100 clean room conditions with fully segregated coating heads, drives and web handling sections.

Individual or total machinery enclosures can be specified with modular or fixed coating heads.

The integrity of the clean environment around the coating system is guaranteed by segregation of the drives behind a sealed wall.

Stainless steel or electroless nickel plating for the main side frames is also offered with environmental and humidity control if required.


  • High quality light sensitive filmic products
  • Speciality base coating for printed circuit boards
  • Digital magnetic master tapes
  • Enhanced medical products


  • Machine widths from 300-2,000 mm
  • Normal running speeds from 10-600 MPM
  • Super accuracy built into Reverse Roll and Slot Die Heads
  • Roller T.I.R. normally 1 Micron or better
  • Individually manufactured speciality Roller Bearings
  • Zero backlash precision adjustments using ball screws
  • Taper wedge gap control using high accuracy pivot arms
  • Manual or automatic gap adjustment
  • Enhanced Servo and Vector drives for precise speed holding
  • Manual to fully automatic control systems supplied